Welcome to CoMIS 2017: Business in the Twin Cities (Mar 29 – Apr 1)


Let me be the first to welcome you to CoMIS 2017: Business in the Twin Cities! As you settle into your hotel room on the banks of the mighty Mississippi, we hope you notice how unique the Twin Cities truly are. Like the river that divides it, we like to think of the Twin Cities as place of in-betweens.

On the one hand, the Twin Cities are home to 17 Fortune 500 firms representing diverse range of industries; from Healthcare and Medical devices to retail to precision agriculture. This growing  job market on top of a strong public school system has lead to a vibrant arts, theater, and food scene. We hope that you all have the chance to try Afro-Deli, a Somali-Middle Eastern fusion restaurant founded on West Bank. Despite its relatively small population, the Twin Cities are not lacking in the amenities of large metropolises.

On the other hand, the Twin Cities lacks drawbacks of other major cities. Gone are skyscraper wind tunnels and miles of greenless-concrete. In its place is an impressive series of parks, bicycle only greenways, and many, many lakes. In fact, The Trust for Public Land ranked Minneapolis’ and Saint Paul’s parks the number one and two in the nation!

This is just a small taste of the business and lifestyle of the Twin Cities. Everyone on the CoMIS Student Planning Committee is excited for you all to see it for yourself!