Participating Teams

asu_logo_1.png (1494×877)
Arizona State University


Brigham Young University


Corvinus University


HEC Montreal


resources-trident.jpg (768×768)
Indiana University


Iowa State University


Kwantlen Polytechnic University


nus-og-logo.jpg (1200×630)
National University of Singapore


Image result for penn state university logo
Pennsylvania State University


Ryerson University


Simon-Fraser-University-SFU-logo.jpg (1891×968)
Simon Fraser University


TCULogo_purple_5X7-01.jpg (1177×750)
Texas Christian University


300x300.jpg (300×300)
University of Arizona


84f608193cced824cf01cca3ef216360.png (162×220)
University of British Columbia
University of Connecticut


1459787646_uf-logo.png (1024×192)
University of Florida


Image result for university of iowa logo
University of Iowa


New_UMD_Globe.png (1422×1402)
University of Maryland


1200px-University_of_Texas_at_Austin_seal.svg.png (1200×1200)
University of Texas – Austin


black-logo.png (1832×677)
University of Texas – Dallas


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